OP-ED — The Stuff Of Nightmares: Embracing Your Childhood Fears

Science has come a long way over the last few hundred years. And what’s amazing is that we did it all with the same brains that have been in our heads since the beginning of humanity. Sure, we’ve upgraded a bit— sort of like owning an iPhone and finally downloading the newest iOS with all of the new screen changes, performance capabilities, and updated Siri functions— but the basic functions remain the same. We’ve gone from gathering berries to inventing the airplane to building up a worldwide internet and beyond. The same brain that came up with the idea that the world wasn’t flat and that the earth revolves around the sun also introduced the idea and eventual implementation of a remotely-operated Mars Rover.

It takes a hearty chunk of Humble-Pie to admit that we don’t know everything, or at least as much as we’d like to. There are so many unresolved theories and notions today that still leave our minds in knots: can anything in the universe travel faster than light? Do black holes simply chew up and spit out the laws of physics? Can certain animals process information the way that humans do? Do we really have a “sixth sense” that allows us to perceive events before they happen?

Mixed in with the jumbled tangle of human consciousness is something that we somehow forget or force ourselves to leave behind as we age– what else is really out there?



Image: The Dark Side/Flickr