OP-ED/FEATURE — Why Mormon Feminists Are Throwing In The Towel

There has been a post circulating entitled “An Open Letter to Mormon Feminists” in which the author, a woman named Kylee Shields, pleads with her fellow Mormon women to not leave the Church in anger. “Don’t leave,” she begs. “Don’t leave because your questions matter. Don’t leave because you change the dialogue. Don’t leave because I am better with you. Some will understand. Stay.”

Pleas like this are the death throes of a waning movement. I have no doubt that the Mormon Church will continue on for a very long time, but the fight for equality is coming to an abrupt end. With her beautifully phrased yet misplaced compassion, Shields is essentially telling Mormon feminists that they should stay for the greater good.



Image: Ordain Women/Flickr