OP-ED — North Korea Calls DVD-Drop An “Act Of War” Because North Korea

Just when you thought that everyone was finished talking about the awful calamity that was The Interview, North Korean officials have gone ahead and made sure that you haven’t forgotten how offended they still are. Early Monday morning, North Korean media tracker KCNA Watch reported that a planned air-drop of thousands of DVD and USB copies of the movie by South Korean activists had been panned by North Korea as a “de facto declaration of war”. Military officials in the region stated that the Korean People’s Army planned to “indiscriminately” blow up any and all balloons along the Military Demarcation Line because North Korea is just bein’ North Korea.

The Interview, produced by Sony Pictures and originally slated for wide-scale release in December 2014, was cancelled last winter after threats of violence began to spread following its announcement (opposition to the film’s depiction of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s violent assassination was cited as especially offensive — surprising, since most Americans would have cited “James Franco”).



Image: fljckr/Flickr


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