SCOTUS — Elena Kagan Should Be Your Favorite SCOTUS Justice (No Offense, RBG)

Elena Kagan is cool, guys. In fact she’s so cool that she’s been able to successfully hide that hip factor from the rest of us for a long time largely because actually admitting her coolness would be too mainstream. Luckily, one eagle-eyed Twitter user caught on after browsing Kagan’s bio over on Supreme Court Review which stated, among other things, that the Supreme Court Justice had seen every single comic-book action movie ever. Guys, It’s official: Kagan should be your favorite SCOTUS justice (no offense, RBG — we still love you, and we’re rocking your “Notorious” tees).

A report by Politico on Monday pointed out Kagan has actually been pretty adept at stealthily injecting her wise geekery into her arguments before. … A fan of comic books and comic book movies, Kagan said in her bio that her “favorite film is The Avengers.” Oh — and one more thing: She totally loves fro-yo and even had a yogurt machine installed in the court cafeteria for all to enjoy. Elena Kagan is essentially the Felicia Day of the U.S. Supreme Court.




Image: Fortune Live Media/Flickr