POLITICS — 2016 Candidates Who Need To Change Their Tune

It’s been a busy month. With major SCOTUS decisions on health care, public housing, and gay marriage all rolling in under the wire in the span of one week, the past few days alone would have been enough to send anyone reeling. Of course, the big topics of the week weren’t the only ones in question: just weeks ago, the media feeding frenzy was also focused on former NAACP Spokane president Rachel Dolezal, the expiration and re-issuance of the Patriot Act (albeit under a shiny new title), and, only last week, the tragic shooting in Charleston. And with all the news that seems to be breaking left and right, it’s probably time that many of the 2016 presidential candidates reconsider their statements on those topics if they want to garner votes.

… Here’s how some of the 2016 front-runners and presidential hopefuls should re-brand their stances in order to keep their supporters happy (and, hopefully, donating to their piggy banks).



Image: John Pemble/Flickr