POLITICS — 6 Hilarious Hillary Clinton Emails That Humanize The Former Secretary Of State

The second batch of emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server have gone public, and with it comes a slew of serious talking points, urgent agenda items, and concerned commentary on media publications. But not all of it was so bad (go ahead, Hill, you can take a breather). Among the burden of State Department emails were scattered conversations about technical malfunctions, meeting mix-ups, and lunch plans. And while the bulk of the newly released correspondence will likely be scrutinized to death over the next several weeks, the handful of hilarious emails between Clinton and her staffers will at least provide an insight to the former Secretary’s human-side.

[A few of the more] casual exchanges, though difficult to siphon from the mass of serious correspondence … ranged from personable and polite to outright (and unintentionally) hilarious — giving the public an inside peek at the amusing dialogue that went on behind State Department doors.



Image: Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Flickr