OP-ED/SOCIAL — On The Anniversary Of Michael Brown’s Death, The Dialogue Has Changed Significantly

August 9, 2015. It’s been exactly one year since the shooting death of Ferguson, Missouri teen, Michael Brown.

For the most part, the current civil rights movement is still starkly divided down racial and political lines. Although there are exceptions to the rule, they’re relatively sparse in number. But white support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, calls from the Asian American community tagged with #Asians4BlackLives, and emerging recognition of the struggle facing Native Americans has given credence to the revival of race-relation discussions — and that contains more merit than a vague statement by a government official any day.

If the tragic death of one teen boy has nothing else, it has served to incite a greater string of civil protests aimed at not only bringing justice to the Brown family, but to victims of police brutality nationwide.



Image: Justin Norman/Flickr