SCI/ASTRO — “Bear-Sized” Aliens Probably Exist, Science Claims

It’s a great big universe out there, and scientists have now given us one more reason to be both awestruck and simultaneously a little bit freaked out. In a new study published this week out of the University of Barcelona, one cosmologist has estimated that calculations of what alien life outside our world might look like is actually off. Rather than the skinny, bulb-headed green guys or oversized flying androids that have always been portrayed in movies and television he suggested, real aliens would more likely be heavy, “bear-sized”life-forms — that is, if his math is all correct (which it very likely could be).

Fergus Simpson, a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Barcelona’s Institute of Cosmos Sciences, indicated in his study that relatively unexplored planetary variables could account for a much different physical build than previously anticipated.



Image: Interdimensional Guardians/Flickr