SCI/TECH — Bug Bounty: United Wants YOU To Hack Their Systems

Forget video games and coding challenges, one airline wants to give you access to its deepest, darkest secrets — if you can reach them. This week, United Airlines asked customers to hack into their systems to help expose privacy weaknesses and sniff out problem areas in their apps. Because what could possibly go wrong with that plan?

The new “hacker” program is a legitimate thing, if the reports on the company’s own website are real (spoiler: they totally are). Titled “Bug Bounty”, the challenge allows independent “researchers” (or evil computer geniuses) to dig up security risks “that affect the confidentiality, integrity and/or availability of customer or company information”, wrote the company this week. Hackers who are able to successfully uncover flaws in the system will be rewarded with 1 million frequent flyer miles, which is great for anyone looking to pull a fast one and head out of town quickly.



Image: Anthony Dolce/Flickr