SCI/ASTRO — 6 Images From Space That Will Make You Feel Very, Very Small

Pluto finally has a face. On Tuesday, NASA officials released the first ever close-up images of the dwarf planet as its probe, New Horizons, swept past. It was a celebratory moment and likely only the first amazing discovery out of dozens that the tiny probe will beam back to Earth over the next handful of years — but it’s not the only mission that’s yielded some unforgettable footage in the past few decades. Over the years, a variety of telescopes, manned missions, and interstellar craft have given us a massive stockpile of space photos sure to make even the bravest feel small.

So what’s next for the probe? As it takes to the outer limits of the solar system, New Horizons will likely encounter a plethora of important puzzle pieces that will allow NASA scientists to decipher and reassemble the origin story of our home star system. And while we wait for even more gorgeous imagery from the New Horizons team, there are plenty of other images stacked up in the archives for us to nerd-out and feel insignificant over.



Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute