POLITICS — GOP: Donald Trump Is Hurtful To Republicans

Since announcing his official 2016 candidacy on June 16, billionaire business mogul Donald Trump has run the gamut from characteristically egotistical to downright mean. In his kick-off speech alone — which lasted nearly 45 minutes — Trump blasted everything from Democrats to immigration, hinting at a vague plan to defeat ISIS and generally stirring up trouble with his rivals. After refusing to back down from controversial statements he made regarding Mexican immigrants (whom he called “drug users” and “rapists”), Trump was quickly dropped from several large partnerships this week, including having his reality television contest, The Apprentice, yanked from the airwaves over at NBC. With the widespread damage he’s brought upon himself, his fellow GOP contenders and leadership figures are now questioning whether Trump is helping their cause or hurting it.

“Donald Trump is like watching a roadside accident: Everybody pulls over to see the mess, and Trump thinks that’s entertainment,” said former Bush administration press secretary Ari Fleischer, in comment to Politico in June. “But running for president is serious, and the risk for the party is he tarnishes everybody.”

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Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr