WORLD/FINANCE — Britain Votes To Leave The EU, Sends Shockwaves Across The Globe

After a vicious back and forth, British citizens cast their ballots on Thursday to either remain with or depart from the European Union, and just before 5 a.m. BST, the results were unofficially in: Britain had voted to leave the EU. Numerous U.K. news outlets, including The Telegraph, the BBC, Sky News, and ITV News made the Leave call, which the Labour Party’s Remain MP Chuka Umunna calling the event “seismic.” As news began hitting headlines, it seemed much of the public agreed.

“We are a very diverse district and in the Lancaster town part of it, a liberal university town, every single district voted to remain,” James Groves, the referendum agent for the In campaign stationed in the county of Lancashire, told The Telegraph. “It was all about immigration and jobs and I think we have to look at why that resonated so much.”

Across social media, many expressed disbelief and anger. “The English, after a decade of feeling like a minority in ‘their own’ country (please note scare quotes), have reasserted overt dominance,” Max Fisher of The New York Times wrote. Another user, who identified himself as English, simply tweeted, “I’m embarrassed and saddened by the Brexit results.



Image: threefishsleeping