WORLD — U.S. Marines Subdue Suspected Terrorist

Two U.S. Marines subdued a suspected terrorist on a train in Belgium, which was headed from Amsterdam to Paris on Friday, after overhearing the alleged gunman loading an AK-47 in the train’s bathroom. Officials reported that the plain-clothed Marines were able to overpower the man, who reportedly opened fire on them with a handgun. According to the Pentagon, one of the Marines was wounded in the scuffle, and at least three other passengers, including French actor Jean-Hugues Anglade, were also hurt. French authorities reported that two were listed as being in serious, but noncritical condition. Update: Thalys, the operator of the train, tweeted on Friday evening: “The first passengers of Thalys 9364 are arriving in Paris-North; they are currently taken care of.”



Image: Frank Grass/Flickr