POLITICS — Chris Christie’s ‘CSI’-Like Campaign Ad Is Amazing

Chris Christie is a serious, serious man. He’s so serious about his 2016 presidential run, in fact, that he’s created a super-hardcore campaign ad that will make you understand just how serious he is. In an ad released on Monday, fittingly titled “Law Enforcer,” the New Jersey governor’s camp attempted to paint Christie as a tough immigration and foreign policy hawk ready to tackle America’s worst enemies if elected president. Looking more like a CSI commercial than anything else, Chris Christie’s “Law Enforcer” campaign video easily went viral, though probably not for the reasons his team had hoped.

Cue the ’90s action thriller movie drums and ominous tones,” joked Esquire on Monday. “It’s fear-mongering time!”

Set to a backdrop of kitschy cop-drama television soundtrack music, the ad features clips of ISIS executions, flashing police lights surrounding low-income neighborhoods, Iranian nuclear facilities, and a guy presumably doing heroin.



Image: Michael Vadon/Flickr