POLITICS — Donald Trump’s Non-Fundraiser Fundraiser

Donald Trump doesn’t need your money, losers. At least, that’s what he wants you to think. At a campaign event — let’s call it a “gathering of a few thousand friends” — on Friday night in Norwood, Mass., the billionaire real estate mogul insisted to reporters that the $100-a-head dinner wasn’t a fundraiser, but a small rally at which he would be speaking to supporters. And eating lobster. And drinking fancy cocktails. Whatever the dinner was supposed to be, however, Trump’s “non-fundraiser” fundraiser was contradictory in the most evident and ridiculous way imaginable — and it will be near-impossible for his 2016 campaign staff to try and explain it away later.

“This is not a fundraiser,” said Trump, in a statement to reporters at the event, which was hosted by Boston-area car dealership magnate Ernie Boch, Jr. at the local billionaire’s mansion. “I turn down a lot of money.”

The event Friday was reported by The Boston Globe to be invite-only. Guests, who were asked for a “suggested $100 donation,” were met at the front gates of Boch’s property by a large check-in table with a sign that read, “Entry Fee: $100 per person.”



Image: Joshua M. Hoover/Flickr